Fugitive Emission certified valves
enhancing process plants' safety

Cryogenic 3-pc threaded &
2-pc flanged valves

Tested to BS 6364, bi-directional and 3 temperature ranges!

CRN-registered industrial ball valves


Our products

Our products

Our product range includes one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, multi-port threaded and flanged valves with a variety of different pressure classes, configurations and materials. They are now all CRN-registered for purchase and use in all Canadian Provinces and Territories.
OEM & ODM capabilities

OEM & ODM capabilities

TSK is capable of working with customers on private labeling of our existing products. With the experienced R&D team and our extensive supply resources, we can also provide excellent price-performance solutions and help you strengthen your position in the market.
“Workshop” spirit, supported by flexibility and efficiency

“Workshop” spirit, supported by flexibility and efficiency

Some clients approach us with merely an idea or a photo, and it requires a lot of work from zero to completion. You can not only reduce development costs and investment by outsourcing your project to us, but also improve time-to-market process with our seamless integration.

Outlasting Performance
Our goal is to GROW WITH OUR CUSTOMERS on the basis of strong and long-term relationships
so that we can assist you in meeting your objectives!

TSK Valves’ story began in 1995, when Lai’s Valve was founded in Taichung, Taiwan. The founders of the company, Lai brothers, started their career as an OEM manufacturer of industrial ball valves for North American customers. In 2006, they moved the factory location to China because of facility expansion, as well as the benefit of direct material control.

TSK Valves was incorporated in 2009 under the same leadership and with the recruitment of sales force. The brothers took the initials of their first names – “Tung”, “Sheng” and “Kuang” to name the new business, hoping to present the image of family-bonding commitment since establishment. Backed by over 25 years of experience in exporting and outstanding technical expertise, TSK Valves is now an approved and reliable supplier who provides clients integrated solutions of direct technical consultation and after-sale services.

To ensure our customers safety, reliability and satisfaction, we are committed to delivering quality products and responsive services in accordance with international standards — ISO 9001:2015, ANSI, ASME and API.

Our production process and quality procedure are subject to continuous improvement reviewed and audited by internal personnel and authorized agencies. As an experienced expert in this industry, we are confident in coordinating all the resources to present results that exceed user’s expectations.

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